East Brookfield Library History

Each decade brings many changes

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March 3, 1920 – East Brookfield became the youngest town in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Governor Calvin Coolidge signed the law that separated East Brookfield from the town of Brookfield.
Prior to that time, residents of the village and the Podunk District used the Brookfield Library.
The first town library was located in the west side of the Tarbell Building on Main Street. This location was later known as Derricks Market. It began serving the village. A branch library served the Podunk District residents.  

1921 - Massachusetts Free Public Library Commission of Boston helps the newly formed library. Donations from many MA libraries help build the collection. Townspeople step forward with financial and book donations.
1/14/1921 – The first meeting of the library trustees. Dr. William F. Hayward is elected chairman. 
1/1921 – Belle Howe Hayward becomes the first librarian.    Appropriation: $750.   Borrowers: 231.  Collection 2,310.    Circulation: village – 6,814 and Podunk – 1,517.
1924 – The library moves to the east side of the Tarbell building. It is ‘larger with better electric lighting’.
1925 –The library closes the Spencer bank account and moves the library money over to the Town Treasurer.

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